What does a bad turbo bearing sound like

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Jan 21, 2019 · About one every ten startups, there is a puff of white smoke, significant enough I can smell it inside the car. Otherwise, no smoke. The ticking is most noticeable at idle. Disappears at about 2,000 rpm, or is drowned out by other engine noises. Ticking comes from the right side of the engine. Sounds like approximately just ahead of the muffler. Volkswagen Passat Discussion. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion. What does a bad wheel bearing sound like? Jun 25, 2018 · If oil isn’t reaching the top of your engine, you’ll begin to hear a higher-pitched ticking or tapping noise. More often than not, this is coming from the engine’s valve train components like lifters, rockers, camshafts and cam adjusters. The timing chain can also make a ticking or tapping noise if oil pressure is an issue.

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Mar 05, 2010 · This. The bad bearing is on the right side. Don't waste time replacing the left ones! (At least, I wouldn't bother. Why change them if they're still ok..) And a bad bearing doesn't necessarily have noticeable play..I just replaced a front one in my mom's Nissan Altima that didn't have play, but made a grinding sound like a mofo at 35-55 mph. Robert-Thanks for your question about the humming noise in your transmission. Humming noises are usually an indication of a bad bearing. If you are sure the noise is coming from your gear box and happens even in neutral, then the output shaft bearing in your transmission may be starting to go bad.

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Aug 26, 2011 · Last few weeks, condenser fan would sound like some kind of vibrations upon startup for few seconds and goes away. Now, the noise remains during whole time fan is … read more So, does it sound like a bad u-joint or bad carrier bearing? I've never changed either one and my truck now has 120K+ miles UPDATE: So I took my truck to my mechanic and had him change out all three U-joints for greasable u-joints as well as changed out the center support bearing for a Timken replacement. I no longer have the noise. Feb 02, 2010 · Bud, thats exactly how it sounded. Yours sounds a little louder than mine did though. Like yours, the sound could not be heard at idle. Give it just a little juice and it squealed. When I first heard my truck make the saound, I was on my way to work. I stopped at the dealership. They thought it was bad pulley or slipping drive belt. Pay close attention to how the turbo acts. If it takes longer than before to make power or produce the audible whine you're used to hearing, then it may be going bad. Also listen to the pitch of the whine. If it sounds quieter or lower-pitched than it normally does, you may have a problem.

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Anyway, the noise persists leaving me with more questions. This suggestion came from a Volvo owner who experienced the problem on his previous car. I do believe it is a more of a resonating sound rather than a rotating sound like a bearing, so we're on the right track for this one. I will give it a try and see where we go from here. The actually spinning of the bearing is the end result of a bearing failure. The bearing and journal finally get so beat up the the bearing just starts to turn on the crank pin. Mains can also be spun but they don't generally provide the same sound since there is no reciprocating motion.

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Sep 18, 2008 · a humming sound can be a bad wheel bearing.(you would hear this at any speed and any road surface) our '03 vue hummed also. Replaced the rear wheel bearing/hub assembly...40,000 miles! Aug 26, 2011 · Last few weeks, condenser fan would sound like some kind of vibrations upon startup for few seconds and goes away. Now, the noise remains during whole time fan is … read more

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Questioning a bad wheel bearing. Have the classic howl/growl at highway speed (mostly 100kph or over before it really gets noticeable) with slight vibration. Changes upon cornering. Anything under 100kph, its not really noticeable however. Jacked up the front today and checked for play/noise.

Jul 04, 2016 · It has what I would call classic wheel bearing noise. Get it up to 45mph or so and it sounds like there’s a small engine airplane flying along with you. Turn left the noise goes away. Turn right, the noise gets worse. It sounds to me like it is in the front. (This is noise only - it doesn’t come with any vibration).

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That sounds like a noisy lifter to me. That sound should stop after maybe a full minute and not be heard again until the engine has been shut down over night. At least that is how I see it. If HC is right about no lifters involved, the hydraulic adjustment is still what we are talking about and my perspective does not change. Bad rod knocks may double knock if enough rod bearing material has been worn away allowing the piston to whack the cylinder head in addition to the big end of the connecting rod banging on the crankshaft rod journal. It will sound like a hard metallic knock (rod) with an alternating and somewhat muffled aluminum (piston) klock sound.

Servo Sounds Created by Bad Bearing Fit. Hearing servo sounds like knocking, or your servo motor has a strong vibration? You send it somewhere for repair and you are told that the bearing fit is no good. You get a quote to change the bearings and repair the bearing fit. Problem solved you say…. Then your servo is returned and fails again. My 570 with 35 miles on it developed a chirping sound on the drivers side rear. And it was the sound of something rubbing. My son in law who is a mechanic took a look at it this afternoon and after about 15 mins he found that a small stone had kicked up and lodged its self close to the drive shaft and as the drive shaft rotated the chirping sound was made. Jan 24, 2014 · the sound stopped so since I was only a block from home, kept going. no more clang but does feel like it is missing/losing power. I am afraid of what it might be but starting it a couple more times in my garage, did not hear the clanging noise again but still doesn’t sound right or feels like it is missing. thanks

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Jan 26, 2019 · Four Common Car Noises, Their Causes, and How to Fix Them ... if the bearing is bad you will hear the noise through the screwdriver. ... It sounds to me like either ... Oct 21, 2011 · A bad bearing in a pulley/alt sounds like rain on a tin roof. I've never seen one go bad where it sounded like ticking. Mine has a slight tick to it somewhere too that reminds me of a collapsed lifter oddly enough. I finally figured out it was a noisy injector somewhere. To be precise: when a water pump bearing seal starts to go first, that's when you get that wet weeping hole symptoms. When a water pump bearing seize on you, it may just seize w/o you knowing, or even cause a weephole weep.

What does turbo whistle sound like? As the name suggests, a turbo whistle sounds like a high pitched whistle or whining sound, heard when the turbocharger kicks in as you accelerate and the revs go up. For some people, a turbo whistle can be annoying, but to others, it’s actually desirable!